This is the wiki page for all possible/confirmed careers for Acquisitions. They will separated into different bullet list. Confirmed: Miner - Miners go out and mine asteroids; pretty straightforward. Miners provide the raw materials for the army to build and function, they are often referred to as the backbone of the army. Trader - (Essentially an HA sponsored trader)- They run HA sponsored trade stations. You are given quotas for how much items you are to sell every so often. Doing so will allow you to get higher ranks, and support for bigger space stations, if you have not yet made your own one yet. ENLISTED--> WORKER--> APPRENTICE--> TRADER--> MERCHANT--> HEAD of TRADE Enlisted people have to read and study our rules and regulations. Then, once they do that they become a space worker, and have to join an already excisting space station to work on with a "company" (what This career is divided into, and each one runs a station, headed by a trader or higher rank). After this, with ALOT of hard work they become an apprentice and learn to run a profitable space station and help an already running trade space station, the owner shows you how to do your job. After you learn to be a trader, you become one!, You are to set up your space station and attempt to win over customers, HA will help sponsor you if you request help, and your space station will be listed on special trading software, HA gives you power over, Services on your stations, goods it sells, if it's a "trade/ market/ farmer market" style station or a "shop" station where you sell everything in it, appearance, Public relations, making sure you have a good service, and what the other things it does, and also events, and running a company that runs your station. After that, if you have shown to be one of the best traders in HA, you can be a merchant and you are allowed to trade with outsiders and are given a squad of fighters to patrol your station, this is for the best traders who have built an amazing, efficient business with many customers. Remember though, you are sponsored by HA, but it is up to you to make your business and attract spenders! I'm not sure about HoT, I just thought we may need someone to keep our standards high.(If we don't need this HoT, delete this line, sentence) Possible: Expeditionary Miner Equivalent to Scavenger Refiner Pyrotechnic