Lapiz Lazuli Empire needs its DCPUs to run smooth, so the scientists at HRSDL went ahead and started development on a OS, designed for private use by the army. Its name, ChaOS, was rapidly deemed appropriate by a multitude of members. We will try not to give it neurotoxin. And self awareness. ChaOS is being built using Entropy, a kernel project created by Herobrine's Army, allowing for a common base system. Features

Paradoxal as it may sound, ChaOS will provide the basis for all further programs and library. Since it is capable of multi-tasking, users can swap programs without worries: ChaOS will provide swift and reliable assistance. ChaOS provides an intutive CLI (command line interface) to enable fast and smart DCPU computing. With the powerful multiscreen emulator feature, multiple terminal and program windows can be switched between seamlessly, enabling productivity without slowing down the DCPU. Seamless OS loading from floppies using a standardized bootloader allows you to take your copy of ChaOS with you, throught the fleet, so you'll never lose your programs and data. As every coder knows, libraries are important. ChaOS comes with an array of libraries to help you make programs faster, including: STDIO, the standard I/O and windowing library LibPixel, a powerful image manipulation system Documentation

It may be hard to fully understand how to use ChaOS at first, so Dilbertfan created a handy guide to using it. The current version is availiable at ChaOS manual GitHub team

Most of the work is being done by these people: People involved with the development: Dilbertfan Awesome271828 LukeW4lker Herobrine Lucus thePalindrome

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