The Department of Fleet covers all craft that could be classed as a Corvette or above (most vessels with three or more crew), including the crew and captain of the primary vessel. They, along with the Aerospace, are responsible for armed actions on behalf of Herobrine's Army. Due to the massive inertia of these larger ships, they rely much less on maneuverability than their smaller brethren in the Aerospace division, instead preferring to weather the storm with powerful shields and thick armour. To offset this, their increased size also allows the use of much more powerful weapon systems, able to mount batteries of turrets or cannons that would never fit on a fighter craft. Fleet requires communication skills, teamwork, and discipline in order to bring their immensely powerful weapons to bear and crush their enemies.


The Head of Fleet/Commandant: Liraal
Fleet Officer/colonel:  Gandalf
Staff Sergeant: Garonedin
Private First Class: AdmiralPoppycock, GypsyHunter, Mister Cuddlesworth, Killerone2, Stephen Hackett
Private: Ruudiluca, ta3370, iceberg587. StarShip.exe, Legion

Complete list of fleet's ranks is available in article Ranks of Operations Required skills

People in Fleet rely heavy on teamwork and discipline, as well as communication skills. Good understanding of Newton laws and space tactics also help. Supplies

Fleet pilots are supplied with the latest weaponry and combat software by H.R.S.D.L.. Any fleet member can keep his/her own ship or get a standard design from R&D. Department of Transport ships will deliver ammunition and fuel, should such need arise. Tactics

Fleet ships do not get involved in dogfights. They stand fast behind their shields and armor, preferring to pound the enemy from distance. Of course, some elements of dynamic tactics are also involved, such as high-speed passes through enemy fleet, but due to considerable inertia of those large ships, acceleration and deceleration takes time. Duties

Fleet pilots are tasked with protecting the mothership, as well as conducting offensive operations. They may also assist the Department of Acquisitions and Department of Transport. Fleet Marines

The soldiers of the Army, they are the ones to do various boarding and planetside tasks, usually under enemy fire. They are stationed abroad fleet vessels and the mothership. Fleet Engineers

The specialists of the Fleet, tasked with maintaining and manning various systems and weapons. Enlistment

The enlistment forum may be found here CURRENT 44 MEMBERS INCLUDE kid_from_mars Nol1000 Spartan132 Fear Noblearcher duffin01 TheRook Liraal garonedin GypsyHunter λ̏̏ 3of5 sammie12340 Wicca ℂell Mister Cuddlesworth ShadowSpy123 YouMadBro FAMASBOY12 OpticODST31 Sovereign synaesth toontown0909 Jwlpo COLDESTDEMAN xavierXBL GigaImpact zeromention TenshiGR ike709 Doulos3 XLegitHadesX ryguyrocky General Kawasaki Bushfries BlackJaguar007 Ctc9592 Red SmileyRainbow Acid_ii_Scilence Roy_Mustang_ NitemareSlasher

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