Transporters are responsible for transporting any goods that Herobrine's Army needs transported. These could be valuable trading goods or weapons. If the need arises, transporters could also transport bombs. It is your responsibility to keep a part of our economy, required to fuel our task of soul harvesting going. Racing

Do you like speed? Do you like beating others? This is the department where it all happens. Fitted with the best engines developed by the Scientific Department and Herobrine Laboratories, ships in the Transportation Department (TD-ships) are the fastest in the universe. People need the goods and personnel that these ships carry very badly, as such the pilots need to be fast. They need to know the universe, what planets to use as gravitational slingshots, what parts of space to avoid. They need to be able to plan how resources are used during the voyage. Ranks

Base ranks: Admin 10. Chief Warrent Officer (Also Head of Transport): user:FlandersNed 9. Field Marshal 8. Brigadier 7. Colonel 6. Lieutenant-Major Platoon Command 5. Major Platoon Relay 4. Captain 3. Lieutenant-Colonel Squad Leader 2. Sergeant Squad Member 1. Transport 0. Enlisted Tiers

Transport members will be assigned to a Tier. The height of one's Tier will determine how many certifications one may possess. Tier 0: 1 certificate Tier 1: 2 certificates Tier 2: 3 certificates Tier 3: 4 certificates Etc. Certifications

You need certifications to be able to transport certain shipments. A few example certifications are: 1(L.W.) The "Light Weight" certification allows members to transport basic materials (e.g ores, other unfinished/non processed industrial items) 2(E/O) The "Explosive/Ordnance" certification allows members to transport explosives ( e.g 120 mm shells, coolant cells) 3(E.C.) The "Electrical components" certification allows members to transport electrical equipment&components ( e.g duct tape, wiring, devices) Etc. Points Delivering shipments will earn Transporters not only bits, but also points. When having gathered enough points, you advance to the next Tier. Some shipments require more experienced Transporters, and are therefore only available to Transporters with a suitable amount of points. Classification To make communications and organization easier, Transport members will be able to group their Rank, Tier, Certifications (and even points) in a row behind their username. The most significant number (in this case Rank) will be placed first, the least significant (in this case Certifications or Points) will be placed last. Enlistment

TD-pilots can enlist after having a good look at this page: Enlistment offices CURRENT 22 MEMBERS Death FlandersNed crixtopher MrMrsMan Nezin FishCake ade00 Lovasus Ghost Owl LikeASir Apple xankyper HelloEarthling619 HaxNoobie Hazen epicr21717 builderguy Slenderman Idon'tExist