High Command

About the High Command

The High Command consists of 5 (3 now) members a number of which was decided by HC after given the power to do so through consensus, with a tie in voting settled by Herobrine himself. They exist at the top of the command chain directly below Herobrine himself. All of them do not have a specific role in HC, but work as a commune to carry out specific tasks given to them by the army. Being a High Command member is considered a very elite and respectable position. As such, High command members must converse properly. The rules of HC grammar are as follows. Oxford Comma, use it. High command members were never allowed to speak in past tense about future/present things. Underscores_are_better. Don't use more than three dots...... Start with a capital, end with a full stop. The High Command Members

As of April 26, 2013, the members of the high command are: Phoenix (Me) chaoticxunited internfriendship

Since election, the High Command has setup an area for other members to enlist themselves in a particular department of Lapiz Lazuli Empire, and have gotten deeply involved with the community. As far as High Command leaders go, they are not stereotypical military leaders. The members themselves do not look over any particular department, but work together to oversee the many branches. This is not to keep an eye on things, but rather to contribute to the army in a positive and helpful way as opposed to simply overseeing everything.

The High Command have special tags on the forums. The Duties of the High Command

High Command will: 1. Relay info to Department Heads, and vice versa. 2. Guide new members to where they are best suited. 3. Coordinate inter-dept work 4. Inform the army of major changes. 5. Be involved in making decisions where it is not desirable to reach consensus on. 6. Be responsive to threats to HA. 7. Be made of representatives that we elected that hold the highest position and handle all the departments together. 8. Keep the fleet updated on current events. 9. Like other members, be able to make suggestions to possible changes and solutions to problems regarding departments/creation of new departments. 10. Create new specialized groups in order to help or benefit the army.(The ERT for example.) 11. Plan how to coordinate the army in the future. 12. Remain active (probably the most important). 13. Remove themselves from an emotional or personal point of view in situations that need it. Note to editors: The last time changes were made to this page, it sparked a one week long open war that almost tore the army apart and generated dozens of pages of chat discussions. Please think really hard before attempting to radically change the HC!