Welcome to the Lapiz Lazuli Empire WikiEdit

Welcome to the Lapiz Lazuli Empire, a fleet in the 0x10c multiverse (Not).

Be bold and aggressive in editing. Help us define what we are and how we work. There will not be any negative consequences for "good faith edits". As long as you aren't intentionally harming the wiki, your edits are encouraged. If you disagree with something, then change it. If you don't like the way something is written, or you see spelling or grammar errors, fix them. If you think something should be in the wiki that isn't, add it. If you believe the consensus has changed regarding something in the wiki, update it. Use the Talk pages, comments, and forum to discuss areas where there is significant disagreement so that a consensus can be reached. The idea is to evolve our Army by consensus. You have the power to change who we are and how we operate. All changes can be easily undone, all mistakes easily corrected, so be bold. Also, when you create a new article, make sure you add it to the Table of Contents. Otherwise, no one is likely to know it exists.

Latest activityEdit

  • edit Entropy
    edited by Mattorbita238 diff
  • edit Lapiz Lazuli Empire Wiki
    edited by Mattorbita238 diff
    Summary: Instructions for Members:
  • new page The Hypothetical Watchlist
    created by Mattorbita238
    New page: Return: Herobrine's Army Wiki - Home Contents [hide] 1 The Hypothetical Watchlist 2 Maintaining vigilance 3 New Ciscan Conglomeration 4 Capital...
  • new page Department of Transport
    created by Mattorbita238
    New page: Description Transporters are responsible for transporting any goods that Herobrine's Army needs transported. These could be valuable trading goods or...
  • new page Department of Aerospace
    created by Mattorbita238
    New page: Aerospace Overview The Department of Aerospace covers all Fighter and Bomber craft smaller than a Corvette in class. We work closely with our larger...
  • new page Department of Fleet
    created by Mattorbita238
    New page: The Department of Fleet covers all craft that could be classed as a Corvette or above (most vessels with three or more crew), including the crew and...
  • new page Acquisition Careers
    created by Mattorbita238
    New page: This is the wiki page for all possible/confirmed careers for Acquisitions. They will separated into different bullet list. Confirmed: Miner - Miners...
  • new page Ruin
    created by Mattorbita238
    New page: Ruin is a simple RFC (request for comment) system developed by me. It is designed to hold standards about the produce of the empire, but namely...
  • edit ChaOS
    edited by Mattorbita238 diff
  • new page ChaOS
    created by Mattorbita238
    New page: ChaOS Herobrine's Army needs its DCPUs to run smooth, so the scientists at HRSDL went ahead and started development on a OS, designed for private use...

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